EVO Battery chargers

The EVO Series produced by T.C.E. Srl series is the result of more than 50 years of research and experience in the battery chargers market.
The idea behind this project is to provide a revolutionary charger with a unique look on the market.

Built with the finest Made in Italy materials, T.C.E. Srl guarantees to the customers a high quality product made to last over time.

General Features
  •   Backlit 16×2 characters alphanumeric display
  •   Quick visualization through different colors LEDs under the front panel
  •   Automatic equalization charge
  •   Charging parameters visualized on the display while charging
  •   Estimated time until the charge is over
  •   Possibility to lift the charger from the ground thanks to the accessory cabinet stand
  •   Storage of the last 120 charging cycles
  •   Mains and Battery leads in a high position to avoid damage
  •   Inclined display front panel for an easy visualization
  •   Front and back ABS panel to reduce the charging noise and increase the charger’s efficiency (Box “E”)
  •   Possibility to choose the final charge time (ABSorption time) and language (IT-EN-ES) from a special menu
Technical Features
  •   Power supply:
    Single-Phase: 220-230-240-255 V / 50-60 Hz

    Three-Phase: 380-400-420-420 V / 50-60Hz

  •   Microchip microcontroller PIC16TM / PIC18TM
  •   Charging time 10-12h or 8-10h
  •   Tropicalized stray-flux transformer impregnated with non-toxic resins and kiln dried
  •   2,8 / 2.2 meters battery leads
  •   Diodes bridge protected with EMC filters
  •   Wa or WoWa charging curve
  •   Equalization charge to prevent sulphation phenomena
  •   Maintenance charge to prevent the battery auto discharge
  •   Automatic restart after overheat anomaly or power supply interruption
Safety Features
  • Safety timer on the total length of the charging cycle and on the single charging phase Overheat protection with thermal probe and control card
  • Protection against overcurrent and overvoltage Anomalies management through microcontroller
  • Complete parameters control while charging Short circuit and reverse polarity protection with fuse
  • Error codes visualization on the display Anomalies or malfunctions red LED on the front panel Battery check before the charge begins Safe battery removal even during a charging cycle
  • Protection IP21